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Back-Front of the House

Back-Front of the House

Lots of confusion about which is the front side and which is the backside of our house. Mostly because we built it at an angle and put the designed “back” of the house closest to the road (which is really not close at all, about 300m away).

This view is from the second corner of the loooong driveway; we call this the front of the house (it’s in the back). We still have a lot of landscaping to do; building a walkway up to the main entrance stairs, filling in where the house stands too high of the current grade. But hey snow covers a multitude of architectural sins, so enjoy the view (and don’t visit in spring!).

Stuff we used here:

Chloe Lighting Black Outdoor Sconce

Black Round Aluminum Railing Balusters

Custom Copper Post Caps

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