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A Home for Hosting

Building a house, and a family, one step at a time.

How can you create a home that’s more welcoming, more inviting, and more people will be blessed by entering? Well we’re not entirely sure, but here’s a sample of what we’re doing to try to create a Home for Hosting. On this site you’ll find how-to’s, stories, a build blog, and product and technique reviews on what we like, what we’d do differently, and what to avoid when building your own home.

(Oh yeah, we are still very much building this site and importing a ton of posts over from our previous home building blog which was pretty haphazard. BUT, we are already getting some pageviews despite not yet sharing it anywhere, so if you happen to stumble upon this site somehow, please check back later when we’ve got it all prim and proper!)


Serenity Now!

Serenity Now!

The up-to-now finished master bedroom. There is a certain beautiful creature that resides in the crib that has the habit of interrupting a good night’s sleep, but we still keep her around ? Our (Nik's) Mom also found the smaller dresser in the corner and restored


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