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Throwback! A Previous Project – Kitchen Demo and Reno Timelapse

Throwback! A Previous Project – Kitchen Demo and Reno Timelapse

Our last home in the city was an estate sale requiring major renovations and overhauls top to bottom. Here’s a timelapse video of the kitchen renovation, complete from the first (ceremonial) sledgehammer smashes by the kids, through demolotion right to the finished project!
It’s a bit of a longer timelapse, but there are very few moments in the 2 month long process that aren’t captured here. 1 photo every 30 seconds, if memory serves, and the featured (top banner) image is the ceiling detail and pot lighting.

Stuff we used here:

DeWalt 7 1/4″ Circular Saw

Miele C2 Vacuum

Marble tile, 1″ Hex Pattern

About that Miele Vacuum: You’ll see by the opening titles that this was shot back in 2011. I’m not sure how old the vacuum was during this reno, but it is still our day-to-day vacuum and works almost flawlessly! This is a pretty impressive feat considering how many renovations and builds and kids this little sucker has gone through. The downside to the Miele is of course having to use bags, but the pros far outweigh the cons with this one!

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